By reducing wrist and elbow pain, let's contribute to leading mankind to live a happy life.

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I'm Dae-Hee Lee, the CEO of Ficor Korea.

Beginning with the research and development of Sang-Jin Lee, orthopedic surgeon and Director of Barun Hospital, who had wrist pain himself, we at Ficor Korea came to launch Ficor Band in April 2018 after six years of research and two and half years of R&D. Ficor Band, a compound of the words “Fix,” “Core,” and “Stabilizer,” was developed by the fusion of ergonomic and innovative technologies, as reflected in the meaning “Fix and stabilize the core.” Ficor Band comes as a blessing not only for golfers, but also for those who suffer from wrist pain in all lines of work, and helps those without wrist pain in leading healthy daily lives by effectively preventing wrist injury when wearing the band.

Unlike existing protective support bands that put uniform pressure on the wrist, Ficor Band prevents bone weakness and ligament damage by holding the radius and ulna without pressing on any other parts, dramatically reducing edema, tingling, numbness, and discomfort. In addition, it is designed to reduce the burden on the wrist by using the eco-friendly material Thermo Plastic Elastomer (TPE), which has excellent restoring force and shock absorption, and to allow users to directly and precisely adjust the strength themselves by adopting Windwire’s Rollkin system.

The motto of Ficor Korea is
Helping mankind live a happy life by reducing wrist & elbow pains.
“Helping mankind live a happy life by reducing wrist and elbow pain.” Let’s work towards a happier life for all mankind by reducing wrist and elbow pain.

Based on our motto, we seek to help customers improve their quality of life by developing more innovative products.
Thank you.

Ficor Korea